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The Essential Online Mobi Website Marketing Technique E-book
Earlier this week, we discussed the concept of business fundability. We covered how investors and lenders will evaluate your business’ banking relationships, experience, industry, liquidity and regulatory compliance before deciding whether or not to offer funding.
That’s all great for informational purposes, but it may seem irrelevant if you don’t need to borrow money at this time. However, it is actually quite important for multiple reasons, regardless of your business’ current financial situation.
Let’s take a look at why you should get fundable, even if you don’t need money right now.
Most Businesses Borrow
Even if you’re the most fiscally conservative business owner on the planet, consider that 80 percent of small business owners claimed the credit crunch affected their company. In other words, four in five businesses borrow money. Chances are you’ll join the pack at one point or another and will need to be fundable to secure financing.
Know Where You Stand
Getting fundable is a great way to ensure your business is set up for success. Investors, for example, don’t pump money into businesses that are likely to fail. They evaluate various companies and invest in those who are in the best position to succeed.
Correct Problems
When you shop for a home, it’s important to iron out any kinks in your credit history before applying for a loan. Otherwise, you’ll have to either delay the process (thus exposing yourself to market risks and wasted time) or settle for less-than-ideal financing terms. In some situations, the problems may be so severe you are disqualified from getting a loan altogether.
Similarly, it’s beneficial to ensure your business is fundable before you actually need to borrow money. Otherwise, you could face inconvenient delays, lousy terms or even outright rejection.
Enhanced Credit Capacity
Once your business is fundable, it’ll be able to borrow more if the need arises. So, if you need a major equipment upgrade to grow your business, it’ll be a lot easier to finance it. Even if you don’t plan to make large purchases on credit, it couldn’t hurt to have the option if an emergency occurs.
Increased Value
Fundability can be thought of as an asset in a sale or transfer. It allows the new owner to instantly benefit from the reputation you’ve built with creditors, thereby raising the value of your business.
The Bottom Line
Getting fundable will provide a level of reassurance that your business is on the right track. Along the way, you’ll also be able to correct problems related to credit and other issues that could compromise future financing. Of course, you’ll enhance your business’ credit capacity, which will be helpful since most businesses borrow at some point.

Finally, getting fundable will pad your pockets in a future sale, rewarding you for the time and effort you put into convincing investors, lenders and the like that your business is legitimate and successful. Thus, it pays not only to get fundable for financing purposes, but to improve your company’s bottom line.

Financial Profitude
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Earlier this week, we discussed the concept of business fundability.

 Normally, at Financial Profitude we tend to steer clear of what is considered socially "provocative". The reason? It's a sensitive topic,especially when it applies to a variety of viewpoints on both sides that put both business and worker at odds with each other. Therefore, we strive to seek a 'neutral' middle ground, which is to explain how the ever- changing world of technology can help move business (small and big) forward to continuously stay competitive and spur growth within their industry. So, why is the conversation so divisive that it could be the thing that makes humanity revolt at it's very own creation you say. Automation. We could examine this word. I prefer to get right to the point. We've been wondering since the year 2000 - "where is my flying car?" at every turn,except we never asked ourselves "how this car would actually function in the real world". Would it be something the driver controlled? Wait...would the car that I am flying need me as a driver at all? Wow! Whew! Let's back away from the Harper Lee introspective monologue (see To Kill a Mockingbird) and double back to where we are this very moment in our lives and with the current U.S. workplace: swapping manpower for automation which cost less to operate annually than a human employee in the same position(roughly $6,500 renminbi ($1057.58 USD). Back in May of this year,Panera Bread (PNRA) announced it would use kiosk instead of people to take customers orders. Warm smiles? No,press here and your meal is at the end of the counter. I guess this means no more of the grand ensemble bellow from the  bright-eyed staff yelling "HOT BREAD" at the command of their team lead. You have to wonder will all of this automation - does this really reduce costs and time. Sure it will. However, the real costs will be at the expense of losing the human employee and select skills to recognize the subtle "likes" and "dislikes" of a customer. Around February of 2013,there was a Ted Talk about a robot by the name of BAXTER(skip to 4:19 to be formally introduced to the future fast food worker). Recently, there was an article about a robot butler of sorts located at the Aloft Hotel (a Sherwood Development Group) in Cupertino, California. This robot known as BOTLR can fetch all things small such as, phone chargers, snacks, toiletries, etc., It is not known as of yet if the robot will be able to head out to pick up any liquor products and the like, but the for a first generation bot like Botlr the future is pretty bright. Robert,a writer here at Financial Profitude, was surprised to hear the Bay Area company Savoike was behind the G1 robot. Conversations around the office ranged from "it's the Daleks (see Doctor Who) to "So, we're being replaced by a garbage can on wheels that may or may not be able to talk". Sure, that may be true, but looking forward into the future (cautiously) we may be
thankful such technology exists. Time will only tell. Meanwhile, automation will increase with neck-snapping speed and hopefully drive grow for companies small,big,and mid-size or we relegate these positions for human employees, because we all know what it's like to deal with a voice-automated system that asks (in the voice of siri: "I'm sorry, I didn't get that) for the 100th time. 

Financial Profitude
"The Essential Blog to Help Your Business Grow"

Need funding for your start-up,franchise,or existing business.

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                                    Need to learn more about Google Glass technology?

                                                               GOOGLE GLASS

 2014 is almost done. Google Glass has an left an echo in the minds of all people who are "assimilating" like The Borg to the site: GLASS (GOOG). I haven't had the opportunity to try these glasses(a few thoughts come to mind). For one, we're not a product review blog,but we will test a product only if it has truly touched the hearts of those who take part in spreading the word of tech used in our daily lives. Are we excited about GLASS? Well, of course! Now, you ask, Mike. If you haven't used this product. How could you guide us on how we can use it in our business? We trying. As it may be a little out of the norm,not to give these glasses a go. We have to admit the implications for such a set of glasses will send an marketer into a pure euphoric blissful existence by the sheer "data" and "analytics" this product will provide.
So, where does that leave us in our desire to 'test' and provide a multitude of ways GLASS can and will(cross fingers for widespread adoption of it) be a major tool for small businesses to get the 'leg up' on the competition. We'll bask in the ambiance of our new technological eye nuisance while secretly admiring the ability to at a drop of hit be able to add in our brains 250,344,945 x 236,978,588 while making it appear as though we Archimedes reincarnated.

Editor-in-Chief: Mike

Financial Profitude
"The Essential Blog to Help Small Businesses Grow"

Every now and then we at Financial Profitude add a flare of what could be construed as irrelevant to the content of our blog. We enjoy analyzing, sharing, and capturing all small business information that truly matters to the small business owner, or could enlighten the small business owner about new technology,products,and services available. However, we also like to entertain our readers,viewers with content that they might enjoy too. TNT(CBS) is launching it's new series called Save Our Business featuring Peter Jones proclaimed to be Britain's best-known and respected entrepreneurs who recently shot the first series of his latest TV show Peter Jones Meets... for the BBC, in which he meets with some of Britain's most successful entrepreneurs to get into the DNA of what made them millionaires. I know you're thinking an endorsement for such fodder on television. No, not quite. We will be watching too to get an idea into the style of the program, what interesting know-how Peter Jones has of each business he helps,and more. Save Our Business premieres February 28th 10/9c check your local listings for TNT in your area. 

Question: Does your business need funding? Maybe for equipment? New marketing campaign? Remember businesses fail not from a lack of ideas, but from a lack of operational funding? We can also assist and help you with funding your start-up,existing business or franchise today. Visit our sister site @


- Financial Profitude

"The Essential Blog to help Start-ups & Small Businesses grow"


Haven't ate lunch yet? Me neither.However, it does look delicious. Now, I know you're wondering where is the analogy between the two: small business and hamburgers. Well, take a closer look at the infographic.

Each bit of this delicious mouth-watering burger can be compared to the organisation of your business. These are factor ingredients not only to the success of your business, but the essentials everyone should review and evaluate how important they are in going forward in the new year and making better decisions in executing everything from "The Corridor Principle or 'the meat'," a concept where an entrepreneurial venture may significantly change the focus from your start-ups initial concept through a continuous response to the market and the desire to optimize profitability. This concept is also known as the "The Bread"- you should already know who this refers to of this mega portion. It's your employees. Those individuals who have been with you since the beginning and helped lay the foundation of your company. In addition to your employees the other part of the equation that makes the whole organisation functions at optimal levels of productivity through employee incentives. This individual is- well, you - the founder. The visionary and risk taker. You kept the spirit of entrepreneurship alive in every fiber of your being and sacrificed a great of your reputation for it. Possibly. Hats off to you.   Don't forget that connections and community play a vital role as well in your bringing your organization to fruition. Next, "The Tomato", sometimes entrepreneurs are not good managers and sometimes good managers are not creative enough. Hence, it’s important that every small business should have a good manager & the entrepreneur should try to sell what he creates quickly. Unless you're Mark Zuckerberg. So, now with the strategy(the bread), and the tomato out of the way we need "The Lettuce". Now, you ask what could this be? Well, with the internet being what it is today,which is an increasingly important and vast place of information to not only have customers view your content,products,and services. The Lettuce is your brand. It has become the face of your company, i.e., your website. Obviously, this kind of attention. Is never bad. Right? You're driving traffic and turning a profit. Life is great! But every small business needs to have content related to their product or services along with a professional and offshoot email to interact with prospective customers from the Twittersphere to a feedback or complaints platform to give your customers a forum to help you with making your product, even better for the overall end-user experience. "The Cheese", I believe we can agree that "The Cheese" is and will always be the marketing.The gooey-layer of details that makes the entire "hamburger"i.e., business even more pleasurable to enjoy. The true meaning of what I'm describing here about "the cheese" is digit marketing, SEO, social media, viral videos or "viral marketing", a concept that is great and can garner the right attention from your demographic, but can also backfire. As a result, patience and strategy is key to the careful execution of such a marketing campaign like viral marketing. Finally, "The Sauce", this adds taste to the 'hamburger'. It assist with integrating brand/voice mission statement in every element.

- Financial Profitude
"The Essential Blog to help Start-ups & Small Businesses grow"

*Note: this article is intended for entertainment purpose only. However, if you enjoy our article. We thank you.

How Do Social Login & Sharing Affect Ecommerce?
Here at Financial Profitude. We gather a slew of interesting bits of information some of which are winners,and therefore are posted to our blog. Then, there is some of the infographics that resemble the endless streams of the same ole' "seen it before" infographics,that are either hard to follow or just not as irrelevant to the small business owner with a somewhat, heavy online presence looking to gain some knowledge into the social media and social sharing marketing blitz that has eluded many for a long time. However, Monetate with the help of other various sources understood a key problem with cart abandonment and customer engagement on a website. This is a pretty natural recurring trend among sites(hopefully, not your own) that require "registration". This can hurt your chances of getting customers to look around your site and continue to the shopping cart to make the purchase. The estimated time it cost for a customer to find the product, examine the features or specifications of the product, then have to "hold off" until they register before signing in, which will hurt your conversions and overall customer feedback experience only be viewed a "roadblock" website and forgotten after a few clicks. Simplifying registration so you can obtain the key interests of your customers and create the customer experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.

- Financial Profitude
"The Essential Blog to help Start-ups & Small Businesses grow" 

Source: Monetate
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