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The Essential Online Mobi Website Marketing Technique E-book
                  Infographics? Do they work?

Did you know? Infographics,with all their statistics,charts,and more can also be used in another unique way. One in particularly, would be to promote your brand by embedding your website, blog, QRcode, or a any number of traffic generating linking methods you can possibly imagine back to your website. You can embed a video in Flash file format to pop up in a small screen within the infographic.Even link your infographic to your app. Create a Pinterest, Tumblr, or Instagram account and add the infographic to your page. Hide or embed each with the graphic. A good way to attract a new subscriber would be create a highlighted link and add a unique sound. Therefore, when a new subscriber or customer moves their cursor over the specific area they can access your site with a click of the button. Hope this tid bit of information can inspire additional creative ways to help you generate more traffic to your online and brick and mortar business.

- Financial Profitude
The Essential blog to help Start-ups and Small Businesses grow


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The Imol Group, a business financial education company with value and performance.  
The Imol Group specializes in the areas of merchant marketing,real-estate investments and custom corp business services. Assisting through educational training for start-ups, franchises, and existing businesses that are looking for traditional or private equity, debt, or expansion funding.  The IMOL GROUP liaises with Bankers, Strategic Investors, Real estate Investors, Private Contractors, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalist. The group provides a range of services such as Business Plan & Grant Proposal writing, Custom Corp Business services, Financial Projections, and Highly efficient presentations to potential investors. 

Server Administration Solutions for your Small Business or Start-up     

The New year allows for you to continue to reapproach the concept of building your brand, revising your spreadsheets,haggling over your businesses process integration methods to working on your accounting practices etc. All of which will require an interface laden with all the bells and whistles for making conferencing and virtualisation a piece of cake.Upgrading your server will be the key to making these changes permanent and your teams collaboration and productivity superior in the coming year.Utilizing a server that delivers the user experience and meets your organizations requirements. SeeksAdmin can meet each demand.

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