How Do Social Login & Sharing Affect Ecommerce?
Here at Financial Profitude. We gather a slew of interesting bits of information some of which are winners,and therefore are posted to our blog. Then, there is some of the infographics that resemble the endless streams of the same ole' "seen it before" infographics,that are either hard to follow or just not as irrelevant to the small business owner with a somewhat, heavy online presence looking to gain some knowledge into the social media and social sharing marketing blitz that has eluded many for a long time. However, Monetate with the help of other various sources understood a key problem with cart abandonment and customer engagement on a website. This is a pretty natural recurring trend among sites(hopefully, not your own) that require "registration". This can hurt your chances of getting customers to look around your site and continue to the shopping cart to make the purchase. The estimated time it cost for a customer to find the product, examine the features or specifications of the product, then have to "hold off" until they register before signing in, which will hurt your conversions and overall customer feedback experience only be viewed a "roadblock" website and forgotten after a few clicks. Simplifying registration so you can obtain the key interests of your customers and create the customer experience that will keep your customers coming back for more.

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Source: Monetate