Haven't ate lunch yet? Me neither.However, it does look delicious. Now, I know you're wondering where is the analogy between the two: small business and hamburgers. Well, take a closer look at the infographic.

Each bit of this delicious mouth-watering burger can be compared to the organisation of your business. These are factor ingredients not only to the success of your business, but the essentials everyone should review and evaluate how important they are in going forward in the new year and making better decisions in executing everything from "The Corridor Principle or 'the meat'," a concept where an entrepreneurial venture may significantly change the focus from your start-ups initial concept through a continuous response to the market and the desire to optimize profitability. This concept is also known as the "The Bread"- you should already know who this refers to of this mega portion. It's your employees. Those individuals who have been with you since the beginning and helped lay the foundation of your company. In addition to your employees the other part of the equation that makes the whole organisation functions at optimal levels of productivity through employee incentives. This individual is- well, you - the founder. The visionary and risk taker. You kept the spirit of entrepreneurship alive in every fiber of your being and sacrificed a great of your reputation for it. Possibly. Hats off to you.   Don't forget that connections and community play a vital role as well in your bringing your organization to fruition. Next, "The Tomato", sometimes entrepreneurs are not good managers and sometimes good managers are not creative enough. Hence, it’s important that every small business should have a good manager & the entrepreneur should try to sell what he creates quickly. Unless you're Mark Zuckerberg. So, now with the strategy(the bread), and the tomato out of the way we need "The Lettuce". Now, you ask what could this be? Well, with the internet being what it is today,which is an increasingly important and vast place of information to not only have customers view your content,products,and services. The Lettuce is your brand. It has become the face of your company, i.e., your website. Obviously, this kind of attention. Is never bad. Right? You're driving traffic and turning a profit. Life is great! But every small business needs to have content related to their product or services along with a professional and offshoot email to interact with prospective customers from the Twittersphere to a feedback or complaints platform to give your customers a forum to help you with making your product, even better for the overall end-user experience. "The Cheese", I believe we can agree that "The Cheese" is and will always be the marketing.The gooey-layer of details that makes the entire "hamburger"i.e., business even more pleasurable to enjoy. The true meaning of what I'm describing here about "the cheese" is digit marketing, SEO, social media, viral videos or "viral marketing", a concept that is great and can garner the right attention from your demographic, but can also backfire. As a result, patience and strategy is key to the careful execution of such a marketing campaign like viral marketing. Finally, "The Sauce", this adds taste to the 'hamburger'. It assist with integrating brand/voice mission statement in every element.

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