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The Quest for Viral Pinterest  Success!

In our daily search for all that is the meat and potatoes of increasing traffic to your small business or startup. Whether your business may be online or brick and mortar. We continue to hone in on what you want to know or probably have questions about when it comes to building your brand. I read an article that I'd like to share on PRDAILY which touched on the benefits of using the trendy and visually captivating image site Pinterest. I thought with a little extra effort, we could shed some light on how Pinterest can generate the kind of traffic you desire. As a small business or start up eyes are all you need to get the buzz going. Thank you. Enjoy!

Here is the article: Ragan's PR Daily
  How can a factoring service benefit can a factoring service benefit your Start-up or Small business?

We at the Financial Profitude blog understand businesses run into all sorts of problems.Well, in tough times and not,...with non-payment. Ugh! We here at Financial Profitude would like to update those within the small business community of new and not-so-new services that may be available. One of the particular types of services that assist with collections are factoring services. Here's a company that specializes in assisting small businesses with accounts receivable management. This 90-minute video should explain their process and help you with determining if their approach to factoring will suit your businesses needs. Thank you & remember we are... 

- Financial Profitude
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