Every now and then we at Financial Profitude add a flare of what could be construed as irrelevant to the content of our blog. We enjoy analyzing, sharing, and capturing all small business information that truly matters to the small business owner, or could enlighten the small business owner about new technology,products,and services available. However, we also like to entertain our readers,viewers with content that they might enjoy too. TNT(CBS) is launching it's new series called Save Our Business featuring Peter Jones proclaimed to be Britain's best-known and respected entrepreneurs who recently shot the first series of his latest TV show Peter Jones Meets... for the BBC, in which he meets with some of Britain's most successful entrepreneurs to get into the DNA of what made them millionaires. I know you're thinking an endorsement for such fodder on television. No, not quite. We will be watching too to get an idea into the style of the program, what interesting know-how Peter Jones has of each business he helps,and more. Save Our Business premieres February 28th 10/9c check your local listings for TNT in your area. 

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