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 2014 is almost done. Google Glass has an left an echo in the minds of all people who are "assimilating" like The Borg to the site: GLASS (GOOG). I haven't had the opportunity to try these glasses(a few thoughts come to mind). For one, we're not a product review blog,but we will test a product only if it has truly touched the hearts of those who take part in spreading the word of tech used in our daily lives. Are we excited about GLASS? Well, of course! Now, you ask, Mike. If you haven't used this product. How could you guide us on how we can use it in our business? We trying. As it may be a little out of the norm,not to give these glasses a go. We have to admit the implications for such a set of glasses will send an marketer into a pure euphoric blissful existence by the sheer "data" and "analytics" this product will provide.
So, where does that leave us in our desire to 'test' and provide a multitude of ways GLASS can and will(cross fingers for widespread adoption of it) be a major tool for small businesses to get the 'leg up' on the competition. We'll bask in the ambiance of our new technological eye nuisance while secretly admiring the ability to at a drop of hit be able to add in our brains 250,344,945 x 236,978,588 while making it appear as though we Archimedes reincarnated.

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