Products and services change all the time. Some upgrade from their former "look" into something more contemporary. For example, McDonald's going from the place where there's Ronald McDonald and gang (see Ronald McDonald and friends, also known as, the "second most happiest place on earth" for children and toddlers alike) to the hip,chic, and bistro-esque like atmosphere we see today. McDonald's went,as far as, pushing aside those plain or cream and sugar coffees to updating their beverage menu with names like McFrappe or McCafe. Nice. I know. Add a little wi-fi. Change the decor and you have an pretty much have "rebranded" your brand,not only your current customers, but to new customers as well. Another example, Old Spice(NYSE:PG)(see Old Spice commercial) the brand is 70-years old and has used the proper balance of social media and clever viral marketing at 
it's finest. Even for a brand that many associate with their grandfather's deodorant. You have to admit Old Spice didn't change it's logo it changed it's experience. So, looking forward into the new year Read More...

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