We'll explore and share a bit of information about Customer Loyalty Programs. Let's say,you walk around the nearest local pharmacy store.Select all the products you would normally purchase on any given routine bi-monthly splurge on various products.Well...here comes the good part.You view a line being formed at the dreaded check out counter.You think to yourself "this will be pretty quick".To the contrary, you are now waiting with great regret that the lady with only a carton of her favorite cubed soap brand is there fiddling with what looks like a plethra of plastic candy wrappers connected to a long key chain. And you say to yourself. Oh geez! This customer couldn't possibly be saving anything today on any of the items in the store.In a voice of angst and frustration, you mumble something like "Oh please will ya hurry up". If this is you. You'd be wrong. You probably have one or two of those little cards of discount bliss because...YOU. Yes, you.The small business owner on a quick trip before you reach home. You understand the value of a good deal while taking advantage of the 10% to 20% percent off on a specific product of your choice.My choice.Well, that's easy.It's the "sweets" in aisle 5.I'll give you a hint.Junk food. Nonetheless,we'll save that for a whole other factoid or article on small businesses and confectioner goods franchise opportunities. Now, as a small business owner. You think this card has no relevance to a business such as yours. Again, you might beg to differ once I explain a bit more in detail of the benefits of a customer loyalty program. These cards of marketing sorcery can be extremely valuable to your companies bottom line as well. Just think, rewarding your primary customer base for their dedicated and routinely repeat business is a golden opportunity to not only create a relationship on a first name basis, but target your key demographic. You'd be surprised.No, amazed at the level of customers who are gathered from emails requesting their personal information to join of these customer loyalty programs. By the way, these programs, as a small business owner, save you more money than promotional mailings. Not bad. According to Experian  Marketing Services, emails that are targeted to customers, Experian has found the following: 29% higher transactions rates, 22% higher click rates, 11% higher revenue per email, and 40% higher open rates. So start a program today. In this day and age,you can't afford not to.The future shrieks newer technology for all areas of industry,especially business at every turn. Here's a tip: Generate an app for your customers.Therefore, you'll not only help them save.You'll be able to communicate directly with the customers and cast a wide net over a percentage of customers who may or may not know of your business.Use these little demographic keylets of marketing bliss(customer loyalty card/program)and see how the success of your small business using this new technology can help you grow your business. Good Luck!

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