Infographics? Do they work?

Did you know? Infographics,with all their statistics,charts,and more can also be used in another unique way. One in particularly, would be to promote your brand by embedding your website, blog, QRcode, or a any number of traffic generating linking methods you can possibly imagine back to your website. You can embed a video in Flash file format to pop up in a small screen within the infographic.Even link your infographic to your app. Create a Pinterest, Tumblr, or Instagram account and add the infographic to your page. Hide or embed each with the graphic. A good way to attract a new subscriber would be create a highlighted link and add a unique sound. Therefore, when a new subscriber or customer moves their cursor over the specific area they can access your site with a click of the button. Hope this tid bit of information can inspire additional creative ways to help you generate more traffic to your online and brick and mortar business.

- Financial Profitude
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