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As you scour the internet you come across a myriad of great business articles that remind you about how you unique you are regionally. The interesting thing about this perspective is that it's clearly a thought for which you solely acknowledge and would like to change. Well, thinking beyond your immediate region in the West is a great way to entertain that thought. However, you also need "action". Your start-up may one day have to compete with a second or third tier - company. Let's say you're a mobile tech company. The global image of your brand will only solidify your businesses future. Might I add, you're going to want to pull out all the stops to make you a serious competitor. A global business market strategy is what will push your business to new heights. There is no turning a blind eye to building your brand beyond the borders of the west. Therefore, you will need to hire talent who can deliver. Locally and globally. Go with a company who can provide this talent.  TriNet can deliver.Contact them today