Office attire? Business casual? Black tie.No matter the ocassion, I try to differentiate from those who are wearing name brands to those individuals who are drawn to clothing that compliments their personality and provides an  bold, striking, and stylish poise. A breif and somewhat true statement is that "it's not always the clothes that make the man, it's his designer...of course." Tom Ford. Fioravanti Kiton K-5 . Name your worth. Well, designers are necessary. They dress us. They are everywhere. From various reality t.v. shows to the movies. Think James Bond. Barney Stinson(see Neil Patrick Harris). To maintain a presence from the board room to the evening engagements we are required to attend either for a special cause or a casual dining experience with a special someone. The idea that we dress ourselves is ridiculous. Fashion designers give us the "edge" and confidence to speak to a room full of people even when we are feeling a tad bit"off-centered". Every now and then, we here at Financial Profitude have a go, and write a piece which let's us, let our hair down and unbutton our shirt(only the 2 buttons closest to the neckline). No nudity..whew! We appreciate the canvas of colors which clothing designers envision that adorn the palettes of seasons during Spring,Summer,Fall,or Winter when it comes to our dress,style, and more.We also know there are great business opportunities for those who would like to show off their skill. We find that in the world of fashion with great ideas comes great design in each subcategory of the fashion industry. You. Yes, you could be looking to start a company in the fashion industry, whether it's in senior clothing, handbag design and manufacturing, or fragrance business. Think it about...the next time a high-profiled celeb, t.v. actor or actress is asked on the red carpet "Who are they wearing". (insert your name here) Will be the name they say...think about it. 

We know of some people who can help: Fashion Designers are welcome

- Financial Profitude
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