Can you imagine you're a small business owner ? You're dealing with price points,sales,marketing and overall building the brand you desire. You're perceived by your local community as hardworking, fair, and a responsible business owner. But wait....what about how you're perceived by your employees. I bet the thought rarely,if ever, crosses ones mind about their employees. In this economy,each employee carries a skillset,which notably shouldn't go unnoticed. With turnover ratios doubling due to what the industry considers "limbo grads"(define: individuals currently, seeking a degree in a specialized field while working ). The thought comes to mind, that if you want to continue to be competitive, you will need to continue to attract the best talent. Just think,your employees are your most valuable asset. Your lifeblood. Whether you are in retail or one of the top 20 of the Fortune 400. Your employees look to you as a cornerstone of their success. Yes,......believe it or not they are very much so tied to it. Recently, I had an conversation with business owner and close friend who heads a company with approximately 25 full-time employees. He asked me about what I thought what are some examples of businesses that succeeded regardless of the ecomony and what state it is in, I gave what an honest and-----from my view a clear observation of what other business owners have done to increase their productivity,and stay positive during their daily interactions with their staff. For one, being the boss doesn't mean being a jerk. You can be sociable, easy-going, and difficult. You have to take into account the many things employees current and prospective want out of work. Obviously, money. The strongest motivator of productivity and customer-staff engagement. To retain these "new" or current employees you will need to increase your incentives. Some examples, a round of golf or tickets to a ballgame,a gift certificate,a contest which will provide the employee with a mini plaque or award. The key here is to display your appreciation. Recognition is another important way to attract and retain your most valuable asset: your employees. Listening. Yes, this one sounds easy, however, much harder to execute when you're making leaps and bounds in growing your company and day-to-day up and downs. Now, on a final note, you understand money is an important factor in your providing your employees a great experience to become more productive and increase company profitability. These are just some of the factors that go  into attracting and balancing a good staff equation,which in turn will create an environment that is a great place to work. Master the balancing act and great employees with great skills will want to work for your company. Brands are not just a name they are a reputation. Not with just your clients but also with staff and those with great talent.

- Financial Profitude

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