In life we are all affected by something. Our daily lives chained to one another by a link of buy or sell. The economy with all it's imperfections is maintaining an edge within the U.S. This past year,around Christmas time retailers and consumers alike heard of this "monster on the hillside" called the Fiscal Cliff---(eerily dark fanfare). Luckily, it is not as bad as we thought. However, retailers in most industries are rolling out the "Now Hiring" signs and a recovery is definitely in the works over the next couple of months. So, now what  may or may not be an "unattractive" move made by the two major credit card issuers.Now, many small business and major retailers are grappling if they should pass this fee off to the customer.Currently, ten states have banned the merchant "swipe fee". As the major retailers, Target and Walmart have emphasized they have no intention of  passing on such a fee. You have to think next about mid-to-small businesses possibly approving of this credit reform policy and the benefits which might be available. Here is one example,the new fee could help expand promotional and marketing opportunities for your small business,which may offer discounts for consumers who pay in cash. As a small business, you can offer incentives for consumers who use alternative forms of payment such as debit cards, and alternative payment solutions, even PayPal. All of which, I may add, is a gamble, and as a responsible informative business owner myself I would not want to alienate my core client and customer base. However, the opportunities are there to benefit from such a fee. Please share or leave a comment providing fellow entrepreneurs with any insight as to how this new fee will affect your business.

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