The Use of Instagram for you Small Business                            

It is a way of life now. Take a picture.Snapshot. Whatever you like and you'll be the apple of someone's eye. I never appreciated the market value of a photo until I realized I was in the sphere of those companies insistent on moving through the barriers of being labeled as a plain cut out of their former self. Prepackaged monoliths we all have come to know and purchase from Target (TGT) , Walmart (WMT) ,etc., For small business- it's Instagram. By the popularity of  Instagram(IG,for short) catapulted this social application tailored to the vain. However, in the public domain image is everything for a company. A company can go from local to mobile to being the top 10 small businesses tweeted about or even better -  'IG'ed( similarly pronounced to "ID'ed ). No longer you have to worry about scanning the qr code. The ability to use a hashtags will be all you need to build brand awareness. Don't forget to share your photo with other social networks that also use hashtags. What is means for your business is that you connect with your audience,but we are not attempting to play air guitar as we shuffle through market reports and PPE's. As a small business establishing your brand on Instagram the key is to take pictures and use a designated hashtag to group all of these images together or use your handle when publishing the image. The hastag is this symbol "#". Remember your approach to using this app should be for events and company photos that will not only illustrate your cool looking kiosk or new product. Although, snapping a picture of which couldn't hurt. Customers are always curious about the where and when of a products release or availability. Go with the idea that you are generating a buzz ----- that is worth a million words.

- Financial Profitude
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